Pomelo juice

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Pomelo juice

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Pomelo, because you have no idea what it is; introducing the surprising citrus taste of pomelo; we add its close cousin pink grapefruit, lemon, and, of course, natural aloe vera for a refreshing, appealing flavor; try it today, we think you will like it
Aloe vera is an ancient healer filled with vitamins, minerals, & essential amino acids; drinking aloe vera juice helps your body absorb the good stuff; at ALO we’re committed to bringing you deliciously refreshing drinks that support your healthy lifestyle
Pomelo is the hidden superstar of the citrus world, and it’s ready to blow your mind; with its stores of beta carotene, potassium, calcium, folic acid, and iron, it will help you unlock your own hidden superstar; what are you waiting for, try it today
Not to be outdone by it’s more exotic counterpart, grapefruit is ready to help you kickstart your day; a great source of Vitamin A, potassium folate & calcium, good old grapefruit is the citrussy foundation you’ve been looking for; goodness from inside out


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